Back pain: Causes, 17 Effective Treatments And Its Prevention

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How to get rid of back pain

Back pain is a very common problem faced by maximum adults between 35 to 50 years of aged groups. The pain occur at back of human body is known as back pain. It is not a serious and a permanent problem and can be cured easily. Incident of back pain may be acute, sub-acute or chronic depending on its nature. The pain may emanate from the muscles nerves, bones, joints or other structures in the spine. According to a research 80% of world population suffers from low back pain at least once in their life.

Causes of back pain

The back of human consists of a complex structure of muscles, tendons, ligaments, tissues; disks bones etc. and if any problem occurs in these components it leads to back pain. But you don’t have to be worried about it, because in this article we will tell you about some of the best and easy home remedies which will help you to get rid of back pain. But remember these remedies will only provide a temporary relief therefore you must find a good doctor for long term relief.

There are several ways by which we can get rid of back pain easily by using some of the home remedy describe below-:

1) Ginger and Eucalyptus oil

Take a ginger grind it in mixer by adding sufficient amount of water to make its thick paste and add eucalyptus oil in it. Now apply it all over the back area, massage for few minutes and leave it overnight. In the morning wash it off. Repeat this process daily for few weeks; it will help you to get rid of back pain.

2) Basil leaves

Take 10 basil leaves and a cup of water. Boil the leaves in the cup until the water starts evaporating. When it cools down add 1/4 tsp. of salt in it. Consume this tonic once for mild pain and if the pain becomes severe then take twice a day. Use this remedy minimum for 2-3 weeks, this remedy will help you to get rid of back pain.

3) Poppy seeds and Sugar candy

Take 100 gm. of poppy seeds and some amount of sugar candy, mix them properly. Now grind both the ingredients together by adding required amount of water and prepare a thick paste. Now take 2 tsp. of this mixture twice in a day followed by a glass of hot milk. Following this process for minimum 2-3 weeks will help you to get rid of back pain.

4) Ice pack

Ice can helps in reducing inflammation, swelling and gives you reassurance from pain. Take two ice cubes and a cotton cloth. Now put the ice cubes on the cloth, pack it and apply it on the area of pain. When applied initially, the patient may feel more pain but it mitigate the pain in a deeper level. If you don’t have an ice pack then frozen vegetables etc. of your refrigerator can also be used. Repeating this process during pain will help you to get rid of back pain.

5) Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is also very beneficial for treating back pain, it reduces stress and tension. Take 1tsp of Chamomile flower and a bowl of water. Boil the chamomile flower in the bowl and drink this tea 1-2 times daily. People who are allergic from chamomile they have to consult with their doctor. Using this remedy for few weeks will help you to get rid of back pain.

6) Epsom salt

Epsom salt can also be used to reduce back pain. Take 2-3 tablespoon of Epsom salt and, tub of warm water and a cotton cloth. Now put the salt in the tub, dip the cotton cloth in the tub and apply it on your back. Repeat this until the water gets cool. Rubbing or massaging Epsom salt on your back can help in lessens swelling and pain. Or, you can add two cups of Epsom salt in your bath tub and soak for 20-30 minutes for relaxation from pain in the back. Following this process daily will help you to get rid of back pain.

7) Homemade Herbal tea

When you are making a black tea then add 1-2 sprinkle of black peppers, 2-3 Collins by grinding it, little amount of dry ginger and boil all the ingredients in a cup of water. Drink this tonic at least once a day and repeat this process for few weeks, it will help you to get rid of back pain.

8) Cinnamon and Honey

Take 1 tsp. of cinnamon powder, a cup of water and 1 tsp. of honey. Boil the cinnamon powder in the cup and strain it as the water boils. Now mix one tsp. of honey and consume it. Use this remedy 3 times in a week, this remedy will help you to get rid of back pain.

9) Coconut oil and garlic

Garlic has the property to strain pain. Take some amount of coconut oil and 3-4 garlic cloves. Boil the garlic cloves until they turn black and then wait for few minutes until the mixture become cold. After that, massage it in on your back area, keep it overnight and rinse off in the morning with warm water. Follow this process daily for 3-4 weeks; it will help you to get rid of back pain.

10) Mustard oil and Garlic

Mustard oil and garlic is the most effective and ancient way of treating many type of body pain. Take 4 garlic cloves and 4 tsp. of mustard oil. Boil the cloves in the oil until they turns black in colour and let the mixture stay for few minutes to become it little warm. Now apply the mixture on your back, keep it overnight and wash off with warm water. Repeating this process daily for several weeks will help you to get rid of back pain.

11) Milk and Turmeric

As most of us know milk is a very good source of calcium required by our bone. Take 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder and a glass of warm milk. Mix the powder in milk, stir and consume it daily. Drinking milk daily will help you to get rid of back pain and will also provide energy to your body. You can also add honey for taste.

12) Boil potatoes

It sounds weird that how can a potato be used for treating back pain, but it is really effective to make you relief from pain. Take 2-3 potatoes and a bowl of water. Boil the potatoes in the bowl, peel off and smash it. Now quickly apply the potatoes on your back and let it stay until they get cool. Using this remedy daily for several weeks will help you to get rid of back pain.

13) Capsaicin cream

Capsaicin is the main ingredients chilies which prevent the transmission of pain signals to the brain. Take a cream from any medical store recommended by the doctor and apply it gently on your back. Do not massage, leave it for few hours and rinse off using normal water. Following this process daily for few weeks will help you to get rid of back pain.

14) Yoga

Everyone in this world must make yoga their daily ongoing activity. Yoga is the most important activity to be done if you are suffering from any kind of disease or body pain. Yoga improves the mind and body which makes you feel better and removes stress. Ask you yoga teacher to give you an effective yoga posture, it will help you to get rid of back pain easily.

15) Rice

Rice is not only a food; it can also help you to get rid of back pain. Take 3-4 tsp. of rice and a thick cloth. Now pack the rice in the cloth and put it in the oven. Take it out after 1 minute and apply it on your back area. Repeat this process daily two times for 2-3 weeks; it will help you to get rid of back pain.

16) Massage

Massage is another most important activity to be done during back pain. As massage increase blood circulation in the body and reduce stress. Massage with herbal oils like mustard oil, olive oil and eucalyptus oil for two times in a day, it will help you to get rid of back pain.

17) Eating habit

Overweight is one of main cause of having a back pain. Eating unhealthy food increase fat and cholesterol in your body which leads to dysfunction of body parts and cause laziness. So always try to maintain a healthy and balanced diet which includes green vegetables, taking small-small meals, increase in water intake and juice. As balance diet not only help you to get rid of back pain but also prevent many type of disease.
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There are some ways by which one can prevent the risk of back pain.

1) Body weight

If the person carries heavy weight then it may lead to risk of back pain. Persons who carry their weight in the abdominal area versus back side and the area of hip is also greater at risk.

2) Smoking

In a survey it is found that the people who smoke suffers more from back pain as compared to the non-smoker of same age group, height and weight.

3) Your bed

You should sleep in a mattress which gives you a help in keeping your spine straight. Sleep with the support of your back side and shoulders. Use pillow while sleeping but don’t take it with the angle in which the neck is put into it.

4) Exercise

Regular exercise play a very significant role in enumerate ways as it reduce the sugar level in blood, strengthens the heart, boost up the body stamina, help in preventing the type 2 diabetes not only this but also many unbelievable  benefits it if you are beginner start today itself 20-30min free body weight exercise. However performing even a little is much better than none at all. Walking is also a simple and effective exercise that many people can enjoy. So at least take the stairs instead of using elevator.

5) Correct posture

In standing position both the heels of the feet should meet each other. Toes of the feet should be 3’’ to 4’’ apart. The whole body should be erect, straight knees, chin inside, chest forward, belly backward and pressed inside with equal body weight on both feet. In this the complete body should be balanced. From the side, line of centre of gravity must pass through the ear, shoulder, hip, knees and ankle. In such muscles and ligaments remains stress free.
Correct posture of sitting.
While sitting in a chair, our hips should be as far back in the chair as possible. Head, spinal column, shoulder should straight and erect. Legs should touch the ground not in hanged position. Correct POSTURE enhances the personality and appreciated in every society of the world.

Some other important prevention

• Always drink water in siting position
• Do regular exercise or play sports
• Avoid sleeping on a sagging bed
• Try to walk on your toe
• Never stand or sit in a same position for so long
• Maintain a balance diet

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